How It Works

Ninja Kick: Subscription Form is a pretty awesome WordPress plugin
that pushes content away with Ninja Kick to reveal stylish subscription form.
Subscription rates are rocketing, traffic is growing, that's how it's working!

Try out
Ninja Form!

Check out compatibility with your site right now. Drag button below to your bookmark bar and use it as bookmarklet when you are on your site to see form in action (it will inject form on your site).

Ninja Kick

Some methods

to expose Subscription Form on your site

Click floating button with icon (many to choose)


Use any button on your site to call the Ninja


Use from any regular link in text


When you scroll to specific element (be ready, will open soon!)


By default only way to expose sidebar is to click on button with email icon. But you can control this: just add class nksub_trigger_element to any element on page (link, button, image) and click on this element will show sidebar. You have option to hide icon button and choose between different opening patterns. Or use API method in your code to show sidebar programmatically

Demo page for mobile devices


Ninja Kick: Subscription

Click label with email icon to expose form!

Main features

  • 3 themes. Dark one is a great theme in general for every site though white one is more neutral and can be more suitable for some sites.
  • With possibility to change base color of theme you can make form look like it was on your site forever. Use existing or save your own color presets with help of handy colorpicker.
  • About 30 built-in backgrounds to customize your theme even more. You can choose from 15 patterned and 15 blurred backgrounds or upload and use your own background image.
  • Form adjusts its layout automatically for the best view depending on fields you filled on Settings page.
  • You can choose direction from which form will slide in.
  • Client-side form validation and form AJAX submission
Ninja Kick WordPress Pack


Good news! Only requirement is jQuery 1.7 and above.